From Prudence to Proverbs

Week 1 Wrap-Up (A Virtuous Life Bible Study)

As my study in prudence continued through last week, we read in the books of Ruth and Proverbs.  One thing I learned about myself already in this study is that I am not as insightful as I thought I was!  Who knew the story of Ruth was full of so much symbolism and foreshadowing into the new testament?  (Well, obviously some people did…I just was not one of them.)  I am so thankful for the online resources being posted for this study and for the numerous comments and perspectives that are shared by others that are participating.  Without hearing other people’s thoughts I would have never connected the symbolism in Ruth’s story!  I certainly did not recognize that we can actually parallel our relationship with Christ with the relationship of Ruth and Boaz.  If there is one thing I hope to take away at the end of this series it will be to learn how to open my mind more to a creative way of thinking and to learn how to meditate in and on the Word for a revelation in meaning.

I personally read into the story of Ruth a little more literally though.  Perhaps it is because I am on such a specific quest to improve myself and my own marriage that I focused in more on the love story.  The love story of a devoted and loving daughter-in-law who was honorable and caring well beyond any obligations.  The love story of a meek and patient woman who pursued ever so gently, humbly, and honorably a man who would provide and care for her in the ways she deserved.  A love story of a Godly man who took notice of a woman because of her true virtue and strength not because of fleshly lust or desires.  Ruth is a beautiful example of how a respectful woman approaches a respectable man and wins his heart through God.Proverbs 31 has become my manual, my go-to guide.  “A woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.”  To me that verse sums up the whole idea of being a virtuous woman.  But I love all of the specific examples this chapter gives as practical insight.  And although some things may not seem “practical” today, the ideas can still be applied and modified to fit into our changing times and roles.  I really see Proverbs 31 as a standard set for women, wives, and future wives.  Both a standard for men to look for in a Godly woman and a standard for women to strive for in Christ.  These attributes and traits listed throughout the chapter I believe are offered to us because not only are they pleasing to men but they are pleasing to God as well.  If we strive for these qualities for our husbands then we strive for these qualities for God and as obedience to His standards.  I also believe that if wives strive for Godly goals and attributes then so will our husbands.  If they want good wives then they will be good husbands.

I was beside myself with fear and disappointment in myself when my husband walked out on me.  All I wanted to do was make him happy with me again.  For him to look at me and feel absolute love.  I started praying for a way to make that happen.  I prayed for God to give me the opportunity to be the wife my husband desired and for him to see in me the woman he loves.  I prayed for guidance and insight and I began reading Proverbs 31.  My prayer every day from that moment was to become this Proverbs 31 Wife.




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The Pursuit of a Virtuous Life as a Virtuous Wife

Over the next few weeks I will be participating in a bible study entitled “A Virtuous Life” by Darlene Schacht (AKA: Time-Warp Wife.)  Throughout the course of the study I am going to share what I am learning along the way and the insight I am gaining to becoming a more Godly woman and wife…a woman of virtue.

I came across this study as I have been seeking out more knowledge and resources on the subject of being a wife of noble character.  You see, I have not exactly been a star example of this myself.  I never really thought much about it…until I almost lost the chance to be a wife all together (more of that will come later), and that’s when I realized God needed to change me.  He needed to change my outlook on marriage, on my husband, and on myself.

As I have been searching for other Christian women and wives teaching and encouraging other women to be the wives we were called to be I am coming into some amazing insight and knowledge and am developing a deeper desire everyday.  I want to begin sharing what I am learning and experiencing with others as well.

WEEK 1:  Prudence

According to prudence is using careful good judgment that allows someone to avoid danger or risks; the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason.

Prudence/wisdom is an important virtue to understand and have because this will determine how you move forward.

DAY 1 READING:  Esther 4:6-5:8 “Esther is Prudent Under Pressure”


Esther was one smart cookie!  And SO brave!  She was faced with making a move that could potentially cost herself her life.  And yet she moved forward with that decision anyway.  BUT not without consulting with God first on how she was going to do that!  She was strategic in her approach to her king, her husband.  Scripture says that Esther fasted for 3 days prior to approaching the king, and she had her maids and others join her in this fast.  I assume she accompanied her fast with prayer and meditation with God seeking guidance, wisdom, and direction for what she was about to encounter.  On that 3rd day she put on her royal robes and entered into the king’s court.  It says “she obtained favor in his sight” and the king welcomed her in and told her whatever it was she wanted she could have it.  Even with that open offer Esther did not reveal her ultimate request.  Instead she invited him (with Haman) to a banquet that she was going to prepare for them.

Esther was very strategic and purposeful with her actions, words, and thoughts.  She started with prayer and fasting, she appealed to her husband’s eye and attraction for her, she didn’t jump the gun with sudden demands…she was courageous, smart, beautiful, gentle, and patient.  She did not crack under the pressure.

my prayer…

Lord, help me to have prudence like Esther.  When I am faced with a pressing situation or find myself feeling like I am about to be crushed under the pressure, help me to have the wisdom to devise a plan and strategy…to not think rashly, react abruptly, or speak harshly.  Give me insight as a wife to know how to appeal to my husband’s compassion and passion so that I too may obtain favor in his sight.  Continue welling up the desire in me to get closer to you and to constantly be listening to your voice.  In the name of Jesus I pray this ~Amen